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The CRPG Book Project needs Arkania Reviews
Oh, I wrote a whopping 4700 character article about BoD and it isn't even finished yet. That beast needs a merciless shave :D

So, btw. it is in a Wiki so everyone can help and improve the article. You just have to start writing down what's on your mind.

Like right now.
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Nice work so far, but I have an observation: the reviews don't have categories or chapters like in the wiki, it has to read like a single, cohesive text.

Would be nice them to merge things down, maybe begin by talking about the P&P game and then going to the CRPG.
I really wish I could access the wiki. There is now a major error in the article: The Dark Eye IS NOT low fantasy. Low fantasy is fantasy that is based within the real world, e.g. the Cthulhu mythos. While high fantasy is fantasy that sets up it's own universe, e.g. Tolkien's Middle-Earth. Earth does not exist within the TDE universe so it is a high fantasy setting. I guess what you are trying to mention is what TDE-editorial calls "phantastischer Realismus" ("fantastic realism").
That's my wish as well. Maybe Obi can give you a temporary second account. I'll send him a PM.

Btw, we need some screenshots.
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The part on Blade is done as far as I'm concerned.
Walisischer Käsetoast [Bild: kaesetoast.png]
Sorry, I'm horribly busy these days, I'll try to properly read & analyze it during the weekend.
6 years after the last post here the project is still running. About £18.000 were raised for charity.

Zum NLT-Wiki: , Zum Drakensang-Wiki:
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Oh nice, there is even a download link for a pdf version of the book. I'll definitely have a look. :ok:

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